Saturday, November 07, 2009

Clean Water

Cleaning and moving ranging areas after the storm....the Sunshines will fend for themselves in terms of foraging for food. Sure, same with thirst. They will find a way to quench it and find their water. But it is most helpful that you have a dispenser for them.

We did this for the ranges during Summer. One, to make sure that they have water at will. Two, to have clean water. Three, so we can mix probiotics in their drink. Four, to ease up work for caretaker and not have to change and clean waterers all the time.

So now, the care taker just cleans and drains the drums. He mixes the probiotics in the fresh clean water daily. No more individual waterers to take care of.

So simple. Take a drum with drain for easy cleaning. Set it at a height that is convenient. Make sure of clean source of water is available, for cleaning and drinking. Install your nipple drinkers to a PVC pipe. Attach the PVC pipe from the drum to a length that won't sag.

Voila! They nudge the nipples :) The Sunshines go to them to drink and play :)

Even after the wrath of the typhoon....they can get mud all over, but they are assured of clean drinking water.

You do away with dirt in their water...they have to be acrobats to step on and poo on their nipples.


  1. Ma'am,
    Saan po ba makakabili ng mga ganiyang nipple drinkers? Magkakano po at papaano ang requirement niyan per 100 birds?
    Thank you.

  2. @trebor, our veterinary supply stores carry the nipple drinkers and may be ordered from us. Maliit lang yan so we may send by package. Each nipple drinker may serve about 20heads, priced at PHP150 each.

  3. Maam where are your vet supply stores? Please give me the address. Can you help guide me in making these drinkers and auto feeders? I am currently constructing my first house for 20,000 heads. Thanks!

  4. Doods where are you located? If you are near Metro Manila, you can see Doc Rey. Send me an email to set appt or you may call (0917) 847-2639