Thursday, December 10, 2009


We had commissioned a group to develop chemical free ham for our Sunshines. Let me share with you our initial recipe. They are working on several sausages and patties, aside from the HAManok :) Great gift and business idea. No curing period needed :)

Again....the income is not just in the raising....look beyond the cages.


I. Meat Material

Chicken , whole, dressed 1 pc

II. Brine Solution for 10 kg meat)

Water 1250.00 g

Refined salt 180.00 g

Refined sugar 2.50 g

Smoke flavor 3.00 g

Oil of Anise (1 drop) .06 g

Oil of Cloves (1 drop) .08 g

Maplein (2 drops) .12 g

III. Dry cure mixture

Refined sugar 35.00 g

Refined salt 18.00 g


Brown sugar 150.00 g

Pineapple juice 125.00 g

Anisado wine 60.00 g

Bay leaf (as desired) at least 2 pc

Cloves (as desired) at least 2 pc

Oregano leaves few strands

Water just enough to cover the meat


CLEAN whole chicken

REMOVE oil gland and neck

WEIGH Cleaned chicken

PREPARE brine by mixing cold water with other ingredients
BRINE mix cold water with other ingredients

INJECT 20% (or 1/2 cup brine) per kg of meat using a brine pump
APPLY dry cure mixture inside and outside the carcass. Let stand for

overnight in the refrigerator.

WASH Chicken with tap water, drain and tie with abaca twine or

cotton thread to maintain the shape.

COOK meat with cooking ingredients until tender

CARAMELIZE by applying brown sugar applied on the surface by using blow

torch or in oven

PACK in paperlyne (plastic wrap) and store in freezer

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  1. hello po, im a bit confused with the format of the recipe.. pwd po be e simplify? thanks alot po..