Monday, November 09, 2009


Is that what we need to do? Import meat?

I had been meaning to touch this topic since last week when talks were all over again on the airwaves that the government plans to import pork and chicken for Christmas.

Sure, we and so do the other dayold chick producers, import the Parent Stocks. But that is to make sure we get the commercial quantity, as we can't get that from inbreeding and cross breeding. But, the rearing of the Parent Stocks, the production of dayold chicks and the eventual grow out of the chickens are done in the Philippines and that gives us jobs.

Every Christmas season, the agriculture industry finds ourselves importing when they "see" a shortage. Flooding the market, then because there is an oversupply because of the panic importation, that will bury the farm gate prices of our locally produced pork and chickens.

That is one of the reasons the entrepreneurs don't get their GO GO GO blood. They are always preempted by importations.

Thing is...SO WHAT if we have a shortage? Can't we live with what we have? We should be disciplined to make do with what we have. IF we want more, THEN we should grow it or plan for it.

Try planning ourselves. We can't rely on others to always think for us. We have to think for ourselves so we can help the bigger us. By then, you don't assist others by doleouts but by example.

Idealistic it may seem...but, it has to start somewhere. Am just like "huh" if the news can make people really believe that the shortage is because of xxxx, then we should do yyyyy.

Make do with what you have.


  1. dr.itchon,how much cost including air freight for day old chicks?i'm from davao?I am interested to start with 200 heads muna. heres my email add

  2. @leonardjames_b, PHP4550 per 100. Thank you