Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Did You Get That Forwarded Text On Earthquake Prediction?

I have to make this unplanned Cebu trip for the memory of my father. His sister passed away and I am representing family.

No preparations, I take a Cebu Pacific flight this morning. On the way to Park N Fly, my cousin in Cebu texts that the family will understand if flight will be cancelled because weather is bad. Well, bumps on air won't stop me as I know my father will make sure he is represented here.

Flight was delayed...OK...patience. Finally, boarding....runway...oooppps....we are pulled back to parking bay. Announcement that some minor repair had to be made. Mechanics went onboard. cousin's text, delayed flight, minor trouble...I thought, one more and I take the cue!

I turned off my cellphone of course, but there is a continous beep I hear. Maybe my neighbor didn't turn off her phone.

But, we took off in 30mins..everything went well. I got to hotel, they can't find my exact booking. Waiting for everything to clear..I still hear that beep. Got to my 18th floor room...still that beep beep beep. I remember I heard it also on the way...gosh...I had an idle sim card in my old phone being used to transfer my phone contacts.

Realized that was the phone that was alerting me to be read. YIKES! It was a forwared message about an earthquake prediction for the Philippines tonight.

Not bothered with it, I rebooked to an earlier flight to go back to Manila as I wanted to be around for IFEX ingress.

Few minutes later, my sister texts that she got a forwarded message about the earthquake too. Can't be from a common friend, because the sim I got was an unused one.

Oh well...I hope that's the end of my "different day" today.

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