Sunday, May 04, 2008

Inihaw Sunshine Chicken Capon

Joey Rigor of Victoria, Tarlac, our Sunshine Capon grower brought live and dressed capons to the Bonsai show yesterday.

Close to 90days, the capons were about 3-3.5 kilos in dressed weights. The dressed were chopped at the site and seasoned simply with salt and pepper rub (just like how I do my regular inihaws). We believe that great tasting meat will standout with basic seasonings only.

Low fire, slow cooking. The charcoals were started and the Sunshine capons were set on the open grill as the right heat was achieved. See how the freshly dressed raw meat looks hefty?

You should have experienced the aroma. As Zac described to be "the kobe beef of poultry".... the marbled chicken meat was cooking in its own juices.

Looking at the meat, knowing that it is almost 90days old....not much expectation.

As the AANI people took the first bite, the expression on their eyes and faces have told me that Joey and Doc Mitzi did a great job! My friends from the US arrived and tasted. They can't understand how chicken can be that delicious.

Zac was late because of unforseen customers, traffic to Cubao and the strong rain. He missed the barbecue. In todays radio program, over breakfast...he had to be reassured that we will have Joey again at the Bonsai show and at IFEX....and YES, we will visit the farm :)

What's my favorite part of chickens? The tail or ass! OMG, I had to ask that it be cut and given to me. Hahahahhhahah....never had a mouthful of this! It was huge.

Sunshine Capons are available to consumers. Check him out also at IFEX's Sunshine Chicken booth, May 16-18, SMX.

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