Thursday, May 08, 2008

Food & Friends

The simplest foods and surroundings are the best comfort zones one can get when shared with "who cares what they say" company.

Working social events may serve the best and the freshest...but it doesn't count in memory banks because the people you can really laugh with aren't there.

Lunch at Tsukiji Pasay Road the other day was different. Friends from the 1970s (although we never lost touch) had lunch. Impromtu calls make it easier to snap up schedules together.

Yes, Tsukiji does have good food...but what I am trying to say deposit it in your heart when paired with friends.

Between the five of us: several bottles of cold sake, hamachi sashimi pls! staple salmon sashimi, grilled prawns, seaweed salad, wagyu steak of course and fresh fruits to cap it.

The bonus with friends? No need for intelligent conversation. The song of Billy Joel (yes 1970s) comes to mind..."don't go changing..."

Why did I write this today? Because we are meeting up again tonight at L'Opera at The Fort.

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