Monday, May 19, 2008

See You At The Market

During IFEX, I met a lady who also started a booth selling Goat's milk at Market At The Hills last weekend. I told her how excited I am to start next week.

She said she was happy there, it was a different crowd, people are inquisitive and want to learn. Asked how I decided to get a booth there? I told her the story about passing by Temple Drive one morning. The succession of tarpaulin flag signs can't help but attract. The name got me...I like simple names :) , the clincher was the chefs' seasoning to the event. It gave a different twist that I am sure that young crop will give innovations and constantly moving.

What cemented my theory about getting there? 95% of the people I mentioned our new site to, knew exactly where it was. The location is central. See you at the Market At The Hills.

BTW, we will be selling dressed chickens, eggs from grass fed Sunshines and taking orders for the Sunshine capons....all from our growers.

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