Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sunrise To Sundown

The schedule today was packed and went as expected. Full of activities, but looked forward because it didn't look like work at all as it will end with working friends.

7am saw us at Market At The Hills. I went by that site early in the week, but I wanted to see it in action. Liked what I saw so booked a space, to start after IFEX as we will be very busy for next weekend.

Doc Rey gave a seminar in conjunction w/ the Atovi gang. I did my "relax time" from 11am-3pm. We just met up at Araneta Gateway for Sunshine Capon's inihaw. Great timing as Zac Sarian gave a seminar so the gang was there, to have light chitchat over the really tasty capons.

After seminar, we still continued the kwentos at Cafe Bola. Meals capped by the great fruit shakes of Langka for them and Chico for me. We didn't miss having the Bola Flan too :)

Here I am now....waiting for the IFEX booth tarps....good thing I always have my laptop and my reliable Globe Visibility.

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