Monday, May 26, 2008

Ubod Ng Sarap

Yesterday was my 2nd day at Market at the Hills. As we had to leave after lunch, I was more sociable this time as I am no longer a newbie there :)

Great to see a visitor I met during IFEX...she also had a booth there. I had to get her bottled atsarang Ubod with Bignay and her bottled Bangus (not fed with commercial feeds). They should go together.

Whenever I walk around Salcedo Weekend Market, the flavored yogurt drinks catch my attention but when I make another round, I can't find them! Well, I found them here this time and didn't lose them. Blueberry and Strawberry please! At PHP140 per liter, its a bargain. It is healthy dessert for me. Now down to my last 500ml...have to stock on those next weekend.

That is what I like with small shopping areas, whose products are focused towards a certain market. Hmmmm, what I bought next without any need to taste test was a proclaimed real pannacotta, and not the gelatins calling themselves the real thing. Got the Mango and Caramel Sauce...good...but I will try next the plain.

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