Thursday, May 15, 2008

TJ Is Sweeping Sales

OPTA Cooperative had been getting their dressed chickens from TJ for sometime now. The ones running the store said their customers have been giving very good feedback since they had been ordering Sunshines from him.

Politics have a way of murking things and we thought TJ will lose that segment. We decided to smile, smiled and moved on :) Lo and behold....orders from that quarters even soared!!! Then today during ingress at IFEX, I ran across the booth of OPTA Cooperative and asked about their Sunshine chicken sales.

She just started with a smile and I know where it would lead to.... TJ's Sunshines are the head sellers! May go unmarked or branded differently...just make sure you ask for the Sunshines from TJ.

Don't get confused with rice sweepings and sweeping rise in sales. TJ isn't, as he has both.

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