Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Asian Vegetables And Chicken In Cebu

As we landed in Cebu, I texted Hec to find out what time we were meeting to go to his farm. So nice of him, he was outside waiting for us. With the age of cellphones, you don't need to ask how to recognize a person. You just call and see who gets his cellphone to answer :)

His first batch of 200 heads in February, sold out in 4days when displayed in just one branch of Fooda Savers Mart.

Good thing, he ordered his 2nd batch of 500 heads after 3weeks, so he now has less than a month to wait for his next delivery. Looks like his 500 will go fast again.

He now has his 3rd batch of 1000 Sunshines in the brooder.

Asian Vegetables (now "And Chicken") supplies fruits and vegetables to the Fooda Savers Mart and Metro Gaisano in Cebu, so supplying them with his Sunshines was not a difficult sales talk.

Talking about will love what his Sunshines eat. Aside from the corn they get mornings and afternoons, they are free to range outside. What is special about their diet? They get what looks like veggie and fruit slush, mash, coleslaw....apples, pears, oranges, veggies.

Asian Vegetables has about 100kilos of over ripe products that they pullout from the supermarkets they supply. Everyday, these rejects are processed by a food chopper and given to the Sunshines.

They can smell it coming! They almost get drowned in the pails, while waiting for their waiter to serve them their meals in laid white sacks :)

Hector must have seen how we envied the Sunshines...he brought us for Chinese buffet at Majestic.

Next night's dinner saw my friend Col. Cesar Yano seating beside him and his very pleasant wife Didi. Col. Yano must have been enamoured with the couple's personality that he asked to visit his ranging area the next day. So.....we did a a 2nd visit just before we flew back to Manila.

He used to breed he wants to dispose all he can use the ranging areas.

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