Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Our 3rd Batch Of Parent Stocks Have Been Booked

Yes, not waiting for the 6th month from our date of importation of our 2nd batch of Parent Stocks, we have now booked our 3rd batch for June arrival. And YES, it is from SASSO of France that we brand as Sunshine Chicken :)

After educating growers and trust built, they have realized that the naked necks will perform better. Consulting with them, we are bringing in the naked necks primarily for the serious Sunshine raisers and again, the accepted full feathered reds.

We are working on making our products offer the best results to growers and more distinct, so others may not pass their products as same as "Sunshines".

SASSOlraya tayo!

We sure are glad we made the decision to go with SASSO.

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