Thursday, May 01, 2008

Sunshine Chicken In Cebu

That's the title of an article in today's Agri Plain Talk of Zac Sarian, Business Section of the Manila Bulletin.

I woke up thinking ... "Oh no, May1 already"! Our May is fully booked in terms of activities, seminars, trade shows (Bonsai in Araneta and the much awaited IFEX at SMX).

Rushing to go to work as we had to drive to Manila later, we drove by to get our Manila Bulletin, scanning it....pleasant surprise...

There were pictures of Hector Ching of Asian Vegetables and Chicken, of his caretakers feeding the chopped veggies and fruits to his Sunshines and the very charming corn dealer of the freshest and sweetest corn we had partaken for some time. We were excited to find her on the roadside as we were going down the mountain. Heavy lunch and the impending big dinner didn't stop us from having our own Mini Corn Festival.

I am so happy that my Sunshine growers are getting attention and growing. This will also encourage their clients who resell them.

Can't wait to revisit Cebu....honestly.

Read today's online Agri Plain Talk here.


  1. hope you can conduct another seminar in cebu again. i have many questions regarding your wonderful sunshines and it would be an added bonus to our farm.

    from cebu

  2. I always post seminar schedules. We expect to visit Cebu more often.

    Thank you