Monday, May 26, 2008

Typhoon Cosme

The grower affected by the devastation of typhoon Cosme over North-Western Luzon is Maawi Farms.

Power is expected to be out for the next two months at least. Two houses are down. Lost about 100 layers because of the heavy pile that fell on them.

Maawi is thankful to the hotels who supported them at the onset of the power outage. Increasing their orders so Maawi will not be burdened by dressed chickens.

BUT over all....they are doing GREAT! Actually, loadings of Sunshines have increased. Hotel and deli clients are adding in numbers. Eggs from their grass/organic vegetables fed Sunshines are always fully booked. They are now using vacuum packing for the dressed meat. Very happy using Feedpro, the unmedicated commercial feeds we wrote about a few weeks back (the same brand that TJ uses).

They are expected to join our other growers for the trade shows we are lined up to participate in.

Can't wait to go visit them again soon....maybe when we take the route of the Pampanga growers :)

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