Monday, May 19, 2008

IFEX Philippines 2008

There were no expectations when we joined this trade show. We are just always in the lookout for avenues where our growers may market their products and get known in the industry.

IFEX was different. It was enjoyable!!!

Before the IFEX started, CITEM contacted us to do a radio/television interview. It just reiterated our stand in pushing our growers in marketing strategies. That was how we felt when CITEM wanted to present their exhibitors.

Again I have to thank Raymond Rubia of Daily Dose Farm for doing the ingress for us. Though he got sick and wasn't able to join for the first 2days, he came on the lastday :)

Doing a food show didn't prepare us for the inquiries we got for the Sunshine Day Old Chicks. We worked side by side with the Sunshine growers who used the opportunity to be seen. Rumandan Farms of Rosario Batangas brought their dressed chickens and Sunshine Capons of Joey and Doc Mitzi Rigor of Victoria Tarlac were around to explain the benefits of eating Sunshines. That was a real big assistance to us, so Doc Rey and I were focused on answering queries on growing for backyard and commercial farming. For the lucky ones to have experienced it....we had reverse roles for a moment. Zac Sarian was carving the Sunshine Capons, Doc Mitzi was assisting, Joey Rogor and Doc Rey were talking to clients and I was photographing.

Met so many interesting people. People who have read about us, read the blog, and even a couple who saw us after searching on the earthquake prediction! A side anecdote to this earthquake scare was that Joey Rigor was texting friends and relatives that the photo of Doc Mitzi was on the newspaper....weehehehhehe no one wanted to believe him and even his own mother-in-law asked if it was just a "text hoax" :)

IFEX Philippines was a great experience. The visitors were from all walks and trades in the food industry. Restaurant owners, supermarket reps, hotel reps, food critics, chefs and consumers who were on the lookout for good supplies. Then there were also the ones looking into what business they can get into in the food industry.

Best lessons we need to learn to get us through are learned during kinder. I always refer to that line and its like a comfort saying for me. Being in a retail zone of a trade show gives you the jumpiness of other entrepreneurs. When you are exasperated with slow learning know you are with entrepreneurs when you feel the " GO GO GO". From ingress, opening of doors every morning, walking around the know an entrepreneur when you see one. I guess they are really born and bred to be one...not learned in university.

Classic example is the booth across us...selling ChocoMani.....I even dream of hearing their voices! I will never forget that in one of the the pitch dark of things...I heard her voice... "free taste Choco Mani".

As usual, the stars whenever we join tradeshows? Our decor!!!! Literally, people always ask for our cuties. Several tradeshows old now and we have learned to pack up light as we giveaway all our stickies, hangies and props of flowers and chicks.

Can't wait for the next food exhibits.....

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