Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Problems And Anxieties Are God's Gifts

I sounded cool in that earthquake scare? Nahuhuh......I searched on the scare on the internet and exited my browser after being calmed down by notes on the hoax. Then I went by my real assignment here in Cebu :)

Really glad I made this trip, because it brought me down memory lane. My cousins not seen for ages were honestly happy to see a relative on their mother's side. I was the only one, they had no choice. My sister said it will be a nice feeling after...she was right.

Must be a different humor in this pleasant island...but I don't remember laughing in a sermon for a wake. My aunt passed at age 84. The priest recounts how a strong woman she must have been (and she is, trust me!)....1st World War had her at 6yrs, by 2nd World War she was about 14, she saw 7 Popes, and ALL the Philippine presidents. The priest continued to say that she was lucky not to have heard the earthquake scare. I can't really control laughing. Good that my cousins also saw the funny side to all that. Most didn't :)

Age isn't just a number, it does really change us in a lot of ways. We all look like how our aunts/uncles and parents did 30 years ago. Where are their kids...I asked. Well, home, doing their own things. Just like how we were when we were teeners, and now we act and sound like the adults we didn't want to be around us. They were making sure a Manila cousin was to look after their college students.... am sure the same way their mom was making sure a relative watched as they were sent to UP Diliman :)

So scared about coming to this trip alone, I met a lot of "small worlds" in that couple of hours! From exes, classmates, friends.... The tickling thing was when someone asked me what I did for work...I fumbled for words to start off "importing chicken"..and he smiled and jokingly said..."Sunshine Chicken"...OF COURSE, how did he know???? He said he had called me already and spoken over the phone after he read the cover story on the Agriculture Magazine. Good timing that our growers are harvesting now so I was able to refer them.

Back at the hotel, check on email right away. You won't believe this but several emails inquiring about Sunshines after they were led to the blog by their search on the earthquake scare in the Philippines. I immediately checked on the blog's statistics and true enough.....a lot of visitors came, led by their search on the earthquake.

My best presents come in doggie bags.

Tomorrow is a new day that shines :)

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