Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We Will Be At AFEX 2008

See us at Asia Food Expo 2008, September 3-6, World Trade Center.

This is a food exhibit. We invite our growers to participate with us and take the advantage of the exposure.

Sunshine growers interested to join us for this event, just let me know of your preferred schedule. As usual, you are not paying for show time nor space. We shoulder costs. That is part of our commitment to market and advertise your produce. We give to our growers the assistance and support they need, from technical to marketing. Let's work together :)

FREE SEMINAR: September 3, 1pm


  1. Hi! I am planning to attend but I am not yet a grower. I am still asking my father who is about to retire to venture on this business. Until what time will the seminar be?

  2. Hi. Do you accept invitations to hold a free seminar in offices for employees to attend? We recently organized an entrep club for our employees to learn, develop and apply their entrep skills/spirit. Hope we can invite you to share info on how we can become a successful grower of sunshine chickens. thanks. Our office is at eastwood, quezon city.

  3. Paul, sure. You can email me at info@solraya.com so we can coordinate schedules, or text me at (0917) 847-2639

    There are other spin offs in the business of Sunshine.