Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Have You Been To Camiguin?

I haven't. The closest I get to Camiguin is via Lanzones.

Agnes, my Camiguin grower, is reloading 1000 soon so she texted to make sure of schedules so she can time her plane trip back to her eden. Then she mentioned that she had been reading about the other Sunshine growers and that she hopes her Sunnies get to be photographed too.

Ehem ehem. Of course all our growers will get the rounds for farm visits, marketing support etc. Which translates to marketing and media features. Are you wanting to get those too?

Visiting Camiguin is work? See for yourself.

We are scheduling our Pampanga/Tarlac growers next weeks. Resting now from our Cebu trip, while attending to our trade shows for May.

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