Friday, May 16, 2008

Sunshines Available In Cebu Supermarkets

Remember Hector Ching of Asian Vegetables & Chicken? He was featured in the Agri Plain Talk of the Manila Bulletin, May 01.

He is growing in the pace that he has planned for Sunshines. First batch was a trial of 200 that went in 4days, 2nd batch was 500 that is ripe for harvest today, and a 3rd batch now ranging is 1000. A new ranging area is being prepared for the next loading of 2000.

Since he had been supplying Fooda Savers Mart and Metro Gaisano, two of the major supermarkets in Cebu, he didn't encounter resistance when he offered his Sunshines. When we were in Cebu, we went to the Fooda Savers Mart that sold his 200 heads in 4 days.

It was so nice to hear the meat section to be saying that the Cebuano clients were asking about it as it was really tasty...."lasang bisayang manok". It was diplayed in the center of the chiller section, side by side with the known commercial chickens!

Good Luck to Asian Vegetables & Chicken. He worked to make his captured market see his other products.

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