Friday, May 09, 2008

Grey Goose Vodka

I am not a vodka tonic person. I remember way back, a friend introduced me to beer and vodka, but no big deal. Last night, my order was preempted and was given vodka tonic. We had what seems as never ending bottles of Grey Goose Vodka.

L'Opera was perfect for a birthday celebration of a good friend. Parking was easy. Nice and quiet, we heard ourselves and surely everybody else around heard us. We had so much fun and laughter that I didn't get to really notice how my Steamed Sea Bass w/ Lobsters were. I liked my Panacotta and coffee..but I always taste my desserts more :)

These friends and meals started the Tsukiji lunch, last night's L'Opera and Monday's dinner at Tivoli!

Next days will be busy for me at IFEX so...ok ok...good things comes in 3s after Tivoli, we rest our tummies but our hearts and minds will be so healthy...ehem, not obese please.

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