Saturday, May 24, 2008

First Day At The Market

Yes, Sunshine dressed chickens are now at Market At The Hills.

I was up early to be at Market At The Hills by 5:30am, w/c was the time given by the organizers to set up your table.

Since I don't really need to set up anything, I was done in a few minutes. 2 roll up tarps, 1 cooler w/ wheels, 1 smaller one that acted as my utility table top, some brochures on the table and of forever attention getter decors. Never failed! Not even in this foodie place.

People are asking why I got a booth. Its relaxing to just retail your baby product. My sister who visited me there asked also why I was alone..wehehehe I wanted to be by myself, any and all mistakes will be mine and won't be bothered by others' booboos. Toti Almeda of Milk Star Goat's Milk came by to check out the place. My friend Mitos was there too.

Product awareness was what I wanted to achieve in this booth. I didn't make a mistake as I was explaining to interested ears about the Sunshines. Happy with my looking forward to tomorrow, but I will miss so much the guys at Kaunlaran sa Agrikultura, moreso the Agri Kapihan at DWWW.

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