Friday, July 03, 2009

Making Plans

We are making plans to consolidate and centralize our operations in one strategic location. Hopefully, if plans push through, we will relocate in the area of Cubao, near Araneta Center.

WHAT? Moving will be our office, seminar area, commissary for dressed chickens, Solraya's Organika store, a Sunny Rottisserie with a drive thru.

WHY? Often we get raised eyebrows that our office is in faraway Fairview. Yes we do deliveries, but a lot of clients want to browse and pick up stuff at Organika. Also, if we are consolidated in one centralized location, logistics for our deliveries and operation is easier to check.

Day old chicks will also be available there for previously booked orders.

My mind is now busy how to fix the place. No frills...just utilitarian, clean look,'ll be different. Quaint :)

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