Saturday, July 18, 2009

Was It The Rain?

I just realized, my last post was Wednesday. One of those long lulls from blogging.

Can't seem to pinpoint the WHYs

....major is my camera huhuhuhhuuhuhuh. No layman can give me an explanation of why the PCs nor laptops won't read my camera's memory. When inserted into the camera, the photos are able to be its there in my card!

So many loose threads that have to be untangled... Manpower (when can you get it out of my system),

The rains bring about change in pace. Don't get me wrong...I love the rain! Its other people that seem to stop their world because of a shower :)

I used the time to do the, get new headlights (its not a luxury for people who live in their cars). After I tried the new headlights last night..I vow to change the lights for all the other cars. It is worth it as it makes nights like days wehehhehe. get a new camera or what?????

Tomorrow, I promise to get back into the jive of things. Starting with the 4:30am radio show :) See you on air.

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