Friday, July 24, 2009

Organic Farming

When Zac Sarian said that our driver in Gen San is a windmill designer, I knew it will be an interesting farm visit and said "GO". I love windmills...the ones that you see in fairy tale gives me the dreamy feeling like seeing lighthouses.

Ok...all they said was windmill. When we got to Capt Bong Reamon's and Gay's farm, I was like "HUH" when I saw this cell site tower that turns with the wind. Oh was the award winning windmill!

But the design is very good! It doesn't take a gale to turn it. See how there are two separate windmills? One may be for water, the other for electricity. Capt Reamon says you can have several floors....a windmill condo.

We go through the healthy looking veggie plots. You will want turn vegetarian when you see how they take care of your salad greens.

Our tour is was showing us how the farm was being fertilized. You tend to listen and appreciate the HOW, after seeing the WHAT. He must be an educator of short attention people!

We went around the vermiculture plots. Capt Bong showed us how gigantic his African Night Crawlers were. He gives back to them the microorganisms they produce. He sprays the vermi plots with the vermi tea. We were all surprised at how healthy his worms baby snakes :)

We were all awed at how his fruit bearing trees were productive. His vines had the largest leaves we had seen and trees were fruiting off season. No chemicals here...just his vermi tea.

After all that walk, we sat by in his kubo to have the sweetest and freshest aromatic coconuts. We have had three (3) nuts each. Nut, nut nut.....then off we went to Ryan's Lechonan. The resto is owned by Capt Bong's sister. We had home cooked Gen San style.

Capt Bong is a commercial pilot, but says that he wants to go fulltime farmer soon and immensely enjoys his R&D (research and development) inventions.

How did he get into vermi? He called Zac Sarian one day before to ask where he can get vermi to feed the Eels he plans to farm. Zac talked him into rethinking. It will take a lot of time and effort before you can gain from the Eel....but look into vermiculture.

The Reamons now talk, dream and think worms!

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