Monday, July 20, 2009


Years back, maybe like close to 10yrs ago, I was introduced to Virgin Coconut Oil. I did see the benefits, but the overwhelming oil in my mouth was too much for me. I love the taste of gata and coconut, but ewwwwwwwwwwww I hate oily things. I despise oil as external moisturizers, much more in my mouth!

Instead of that, I resorted to drinking Coco Milk. The creamy, light coco juice flavor is heaven and I was told that the benefits is far better than VCO. Downside? Shelf life is very short and I keep it frozen, w/c may not be convenient for other applications.

What am I blabbing about? 3weeks ago, a natural farmer in Bohol was faced with Sunshines with colds. Jojie Lim advised them to give VCO to the Sunshines. Soon after, Jojie texted me that the chickens were fine. Lately, Jojie's own Sunshines were given VCO when they got sick. Raprap, the caretaker, was exclaiming how the VCO worked, as he was describing it to Zac Sarian when he was interviewed in Davao.

Andry talked about making your own VCO. Place the 1st extraction of Coco Cream (gata) in a bottle. Leave it under the sun. After 3days, harvest the separated VCO and use it for everything! Good digestion, moisturizer, antiseptic etc.

If it is good for will be good for your animals too...Sunshines included :)

Why won't I recommend my Coco Milk? Hard to keep and handle.

Another good usage for the VCO is your smoke belching vehicles. HONEST! I noticed at how Andry got a bottle of VCO from the farm, then I commented on how well maintained the vehicles of Andry was (it had a lot of power). He said he used 1ml of VCO per liter of Diesel. He showed us how when he loaded in a gas station. On an empty tank, he added about 60ml of VCO and loaded 60lts of Diesel. He says that is taked out the black belch.

We tried it the other day on the oldest Canter. Started the engine first and observed at how much soot it had. Added about 40ml to a half filled tank. Alog alog the body :) Started the engine again....the first press on the accelerator brought out the blacked smoke...then it started to thin out and clean air followed.

Well, we will try it first on the oldest trucks....can you imagine...Metro Manila may smell of appetizing gata.

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