Friday, July 03, 2009


I always heard and read that to know if the guy infront of you is a if he makes a saucer of sawsawan (dipping sauce) even before his meal arrives.

In our quest for great tasting roasted chicken, I was adamant that our Sunny doesn't need a sawsawan. I close me ears when suggestions crop up. But then, who am I to insist my tastebuds or maybe my lack of seasoned buds :) Besides, it will be on the side and won't destroy the product. Its up to them how they want to mix up.

Ok Ok....I will give in and experiment. I have no secret to my marinade for the Sunny...but let me keep my sauce to myself. For what???? So you try to guess what it is! Its my payment for giving in to your tongue's request.

To the cooks out there.....maybe you can comeup with a unique sauce. Oh pls...spare me the liver sauce. If I want has to be different!

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