Friday, July 24, 2009

Pang Pamilya Na, Pang Sports Pa

Different people see things differently.

When I was starting my laptop this morning, I was thinking of a nice topic to blog and it flashed on me that when I was discussing the Bamboo Shoots that we will harvest, Doc Rey looks as me quizzically and says he thought about the Bamboo for posts of the ever moving ranges!

Whhheeewww that was a long sentence.

But the bottomline is, things do serve purposes for everyone.

Good morning :) As a discernment to what to blog....I got this email:

You talked about bamboo in your newest blog today. I have told you previously that I am a bamboo enthusiast myself but maybe you don't remember it anymore. And maybe you did not notice the different species of bamboos planted in Rosario when you visited. I have several species that I have been collecting and propagating for the last number of years.

If you will pass by near Rosario in one of your many trips in the Calabarzon area
and have time to spare, I will give you some propagules for planting in your farm. I
am advocating the planting of bamboo in the country as it is a very valuable
resource, easily renewable, good for the environment, good for health (labong), and many others. As we say in the bamboo circle..."grow your own house" by planting bamboo.

BTW...Bong Reamon is my kumpadre.

Bong Reamon deserves a separate posting :)

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