Friday, July 03, 2009

Feels Like Forever

I am transferring files from a computer who's monitor decided to do stripes on my eyes. Ironically, the Vista on this new computer is driving me nuts as it won't read my other softwares. Deliberating on going back to XP...OR... buying a new Quickbooks 2007 or higher version. Good I typed that, as the cash register said, cheaper to revert back to XP.

Sorting through pictures...this was the only seminar pic I took from ever since. I will say the only one, maybe the very first seminars drove me nuts as lack of experince dictates that moles become mountians. Later seminars find me busy and so picture taking had been forgotten.

We have since moved to a better and colder seminar room....Organika...the meatshop. On a seminar Sunday, chairs are placed there and tables rearranged to accomodate the participants.

Doc Rey was just telling me the other day that his 1st seminar should have a commemorative photo. Sad to say, none from me. I remember a particiant take our pictures for prosperity.

As I am uploading the photo now and a history on seminars....I get a call from a participant last Sunday, a party of three (3). They didn't get their free chicks and was wondering if it got forfeited. is presumed that the participants are not prepared and/or will want to make changes to their they have thirty (30) days to claim from time of seminar.

Last Sunday's seminar was bad....the aircon won't work. Been fixed the next day, freon leak. So this participant was commending Doc Rey's seminar as people didn't leave even with the intense heat. Yes, everyone stayed till the end :)

Oh, that should have been an example of the need for fresh air in brooding. Am sure everyone thought about that...but mentioning it might make the heat unbearable!

We had been doing seminars for for about two (2) yrs now. Seems like been doing it forever as it is a snap now setting up one. But then, it is always exciting and enjoyable. You meet a lot of people...never will two (2) seminars be exactly the same.

In the new area we are thinking of moving to....I think I want the seminar area open and airy...or at least have an option to be able to move out to the garden. I learned my lesson from the broken aircon.

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