Saturday, July 11, 2009


Started the day early, right. Had a tubful of fresh Durian....and this was before we went to Davao! It wasn't to get a quick fix of our addiction to Durian....but like more of a view of what's to come :)

Our trip was at the same time of a new loading of Sunshine Chicks at Andry and Jojie Lim's Helen's Farm. We all jumped out excitedly the van as we saw the netted ranging area and the huge brooder cribs of Jojie.

Zac Sarian was agog taking photos. The crib, the brooding materials and the first feedings of the Sunshines were all new to him and he was jumpy asking questions and multi tasking with his digital camera. out for it. Am sure he will have a new story for the Sunshines in Davao under natural farming!

I was too! Doc Rey and Andry were discussing. Jojie was instructing caretakers. Zac was documenting. I was also taking stock of the morning as it was a different view.

The Jojie's crib was big so the Sunshines can move merrily around. Doc Rey instructed me to take photos and videos as he wanted to edit his presentation.

Sob sob sob :( The moment I plugged the USB of the camera...three (3) viruses were shown to me...then I can't access the files of the camera!

Does it mean I have to get a new camera????? For the meantime, you and I will have to imagine what I am writing.

What do you think of Jojie's sign? "Serving Sunshine"...has a lot of meaning.

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