Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hide And Seek

We pick our eggs off the range, literally. Our Sunshine grass fed layers produce the table eggs we sell to you. They are left free to roam, eating living grasses and herbs, fresh fruits on and off the tree and insects that they enjoy to run after.

There are no layer baskets where they lay their eggs. They choose their spot and DO it there :)

Yesterday, as Doc Rey was walking around to check on the farm...he calls me with a loud whisper and motions..more like convulsionly waving that I go to him...NOW

See what he has for me, as he steps on a patch of grass...

After a minute or so, the Sunshine stands and walks gracefully away...leaving the freshest, warm, brown egg!

Actually, that is our major problem. The egg picker walks through the range and goes on an "egg hunt" daily. That way, he doesn't really know where and when they lay. It is a presumption that he gets to see the day's harvest.

Truth is, we can't tell. We can't tell if we got all the day's lay. The rains are a major too. The range can get muddy and hides an egg or two from our eyes.

Oh why am I saying it is our major problem? At the end, the problem is the asset! We are able to honestly say and look at your eyes when we say we have eggs from grass fed, free ranging layers.

The occasional rotten egg is replaced and our regular customers understand and believe in our crude and basic way of raising our layers. That's the way we and they want it.

So it remains that we do our "egg hunts" daily and go hide and is easier to spot hatching eggs on Facebook :)

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