Saturday, July 25, 2009


It is when you are not doing anything, that you end up doing more :)

By 4:30am I was listening to Sa Kabukiran over DZMM 630khz, because a grower in Benguet, Jonathan was being interviewed. Read about a similar post the other day.

While driving, peeped on while Doc Rey was reading Bulletin and chanced upon our "ready to range" grower in Sinait, Ilocos Sur. My Tita Pilar's photo also got there because of her urban Lanzones tree. Immediately texted them about their nice smiles :)

By 6am we were off to AANI FTI to deliver chicks and man the booth. Breakfast was kambing cooked several ways and fresh Avocado shake. Before taking those calories, I had a stroll and got myself some cotton shirts that will be crumply packed in suitcases.

9am went to Antipolo so deliver some chicks and used the opportunity to visit AANI Urban Farm in Antipolo. For you in the area, this farm is perfect to visit and purchase your salad greens....really organic as it can get.

12noon saw us having Shabu Shabu at Bonifacio High Street with one of the boys. It was just a short walk from the parking lot to the resto but the heat was intense and penetrating. The son wanted to get some stuff from Nike.....I thought it was spelt as Yike! After sometime there, I was glad to leave the it gets hotter inside Yike.

After getting some stickers from our car dealer, now in my table doing invoices for tomorrow's deliveries. Hectic Sunday tomorrow as KSA's Agrikapihan, Anniversary of KSA, and our monthly seminar. Used opportunity today to blog and breathe....

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