Thursday, July 23, 2009


Is how I will talk about Bamboos.

I must have mentioned that I like the graceful sway in the wind of the Bamboo trees, when I talked about my Buddah Bamboo and my walking stick :) I read more about the different varieties and learned that Bamboo is a hardy specie of grass that grows real fast. I asked that some sticks from an ordinary Bamboo be stuck on the ground around the farm.

My interest on them was rekindled with a talk with Bamboo people recently. How their international organization is teaching farmers to plant and process Bamboo. How it will answer the housing problems as it is "plant, grow and build your own house w/ Bamboo". I fell in love not just with the concept, but with the passion those two ladies had about what they were into.

Either I haven't been to the farm for a year (UNLIKELY) or they really do grow faster than fast....surprised to see I have several Bamboo trees now....We should have a lot of Bamboo Shoots for food.

I'd like to have a collection of the different varieties of Bamboo. The Buddah I have and will start getting others. I fell in love with the Black Bamboo when I saw it in Capt Bong Reamon's farm.

Another food that I saw growing beside the photographed Bamboo is the gorgeous deep Purple colored Ube. We have several of these in the farm. We got this from Tony Lucero as he was ecstatic about this variety being sought after by Ube food processors. Pol Rubia got several too, planted and sold the seedlings. We replanted it, so we have several vines now. Really nice, malagkit and deep colored ones. I love it boiled with just a sprinkling of Sugar.

My other Ube vines are more mature and thicker. They also have large dark Purple leaves...huge, like fans.

There are some things you really plan for over time. Visualize what you want and work on it now for tomorrow.

As they say.....frequent a bar when you want drunkards in your midst. Invest time and effort on what you want.

Just like Bamboo Shoots and Ube....they are not seen, but are good food. All you have to do is dig :) Both are ironically "literally" underrated.

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