Thursday, July 09, 2009


Tools are supposed to help you. Toolong=help

Most people, specially if your work is office based, may think that a GPS is not important. Some may look at it as a toy. For us, the Global Positioning System is an important tool to make our work easier.

New drivers, customers and routes...requires endless instructions to familiarize with. With a GPS, you just need to give the new driver the unit and press your desired multi point route, that you just press before turning over to him.

How to do a check and balance? Reset info and check it once the van gets back. It tells you total kilometer ran.

Shows stops made and duration. He says he had to stop to sleep...or had engine trouble. That may be an alibi for delay in return to homebase, but actually there may be detours.

There is a log taken of route :) Nice feature. No need for a tracking devise. You will see the true history of the delivery when you get back the unit. Perfect to see if there had been diversions.

Speeding....ahhhhh...we get calls about drivers overspeeding etc. This time, even if no calls, you get to see his average speed.

This time I got a unit that spoke the streets' names. Wide screen. Multi point route.

Next problem was: I go saving locations on MY unit. But there are several drivers and vans. Everyone should have the same saved locations but that would mean that I have all units when I save it. My supplier said that I can save it all in MY unit and he may have it transferred to all other units we have, thru a software.

I picked up Margie tonight, and to go to Caress' house, I just clicked on BANSON Caress.....Margie was thrilled it was talking to us and was getting mad when I was using other roads. After giving us the cold shoulder, it talks again and recalculates a new route :)

Going home, I click on DEFENSOR Margie! She was happy to be home as the GPS said "Arriving at DEFENSOR Margie on right".

If you got a lot of drivers with different routes and problematic on checking on them? I suggest get a GPS.

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