Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Range Rotation

Often we are asked How do we know if the range has rested and is ready for use?

You will know when it is healthy and able to give your Sunshines good living grasses.

Your senses and vibes will dictate and follow it. Use your eyes, touch, will tell you that everything is OK.

The netted area should be teeming with vibrant living grasses, herbs etc. Fresh smelling air, no foul odor from the ground. If you aren't convinced by the sight and smell...touch the leaves :)

This area was previously used, rested and is now being eyed to be the host for the next batch of rangers.

If you are wondering what that bamboo frame is for? That is the skelton frame for the roofing of the range's housing. Sometimes thatched, most times tarpaulin is used.

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