Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jojie And Andry Lim

At Helen's Farm.

7/11, good day to fly to Davao. We had Sunshine Chicks with us for Jojie and Andry Lim. We had Mr. Zac Sarian with us, as we were visiting some Sunshine growers in Davao and going to the Veggie Congress and some side trips in Gen San.

We made comments before on Jojie's Crib and somehow, by default and unplanned circsumstances, the crib used now is ventilated :) Andry rummaged through scraps in their warehouse and came up with these stainless sheets that had holes all over.

Nice to see chicks being released for brooding. You are able to see how much care goes to raising them. See how 3C concoction is prepared for their drinking water. The 1st 3days, natural farming protocol suggests giving the chicks chopped bamboo leaves with brown rice. The idea is for the intestines to develop longer so they consume more food and nutrients in their lifetime of about 50-90days :) By day3, they are given their normal chick boosters.

Notice how hay is used as their bedding? It is actually a blend of rice straw and rice hull, sprayed with effective microorganisms. It generates heat when needed and is not extremely hot during the day. Sort of adjusts to the brooding temperature needs :)

What is good about this beddings? Cheap! No need for electricity. Also, the bulbs give heat to the chicks' back. This brooder beddings give heat to the breast area and the back too as they play and bury themselves around. No need to to change the beddings. Just spray with effective microorganisms about 2x a week. You turn out the beddings to unearth the hidden treasures of food for the Sunshines.

Cost wise, this brooder is unbeatable. I sound like an advertisement! But true. No carpenter fees. Just a metal sheet, rice straw, rice hull and a mosquito net :)

Jojie knew and believes in her protocol. We left for Gen San and they didn't check back on their chicks till after about 4days.

That is natural farming for you. Watch out for the collaborated projects of the five (5) characters present here.


  1. good day sir.

    can i ask for an email ad of mr. andry lim. i happened to read about mr. andry lim in 'agriculture' magazine and i would like to attend one of his seminars on natural farming.


  2. @ nan, I suggest you join the Sunshine yahoo group or the Facebook group to meet Jojie