Friday, July 03, 2009

Looking Sad

At 37days, these Sunshine look sad and small...don't you think too?

I forget now what they weighed when I was texting the owner, but I was sure that is was so far off.

Not ranged, was one of the first issues I gathered.

How often were they fed? How much space do they have? Are they getting fresh air? Sunlight? Are veggies and grasses cut and carried to them?

Pictures please....

These were taken after a discussion of requirements and feeding practices:

The beddings look good, part of natural farming there.

Without a ranging area, even with a nice view to see out their window, they surely know what they are missing. If you can't give them the freedom to eat...might as well give them good food to eat, ALL THE TIME.

If they can't be ranged, still allow them fresh vegetables and grasses that you gather and put inside the pens. I will still suggest that you give them grains/feeds adlibitum, to supplement their diet. Using auto feeders will keep the feeds dry and saves time as you may fill it up in the morning. They get dispenses in the feeders, as needed.

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