Thursday, July 23, 2009

Give Back

Not too long ago, I had my status on Facebook as:

For you to be happy, try being, and letting others be happy.

I got several reactions on that...and it does pay to think and be simply you.

Then I saw this tree at the farm, with the cut grass from the area surrounding it, piled back to the tree...

The land around is rich because of the chickens' manure and the leaves and cut grass will compost to give a good organic fertilizer. I noticed that it was just this tree that had the composting pile. The caretaker lived beside the tree and periodically cut the grass there. That is the reason for the pile. Maybe she just even put it there because she was lazy to put it away, not knowing that she was doing Mother Earth good.

Really, you have to give back to gain is a cycle :)

Today in Manila Bulletin, Doc Rey was shown in one of the seminars. He gives his time and effort to do seminars. Making sure that farmers do the right thing. The farmer has to earn and see the benefits of raising Sunshines for him to get into the cycle that will include us.

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