Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Quiet Moments

Been away for an extended period.

The scheduled trip to Manila two weekends ago was supposed to be a touch and go before moving to other events.

Early Sunday night the 21st, sidelined us because our mother wanted to be with our father we helped her pretty up for her journey to him.

They have been both so blessed to have peaceful transitions and my sister and I are just happy for them that they are now together.

They both taught us the value of hard work and being self sufficient. Mommy always had the notion that her daughters were at odds. My mother only left when she was convinced that my sister and I never really had an issue...other than maybe what she had always tried to perceive.

It will do parents a lot of peace in themselves, seeing children working hard, being independent, not having to bite other people to eat and knowing that money is not an issue :)

Posting this is not to explain my is for me to move on.

Btw, we had Sunshine one dinner. Thanks to Bingbang for preparing.

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