Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Not Just About Farming

Saturday saw us flying to Mindanao for the seminars and the Veggie Congress.

My camera takes photos, why I can't transfer them now puzzles me. So what transpired and lessons learned will have to be verbalized by me, with you letting your imaginations work.

Day1 got Davao bugs biting me all over and till this very minute, I am red, spotted and itching all over ewwwwwwwwwwwww. The hives sidelined me and it was opportunity to rest, strengthen relationships and sleep.

Monday gave us a close encounter with a working horizontal windmill. In that farm, you observe how worms work for you and how microbes are used and given back to nature to make good bacteria enhance naturally. You get into a company of intelligent and financially blessed people who make a choice of farming and giving back to others by teaching. Think why people who make a lot still make a choice to farm? Its not all about money...nor Manny :)

The opening of the Veggie Congress attracted a huge crowd from all over the Philippines. Why? People are so enthusiastic now about farming and putting food on the table? Try again....Pacman was hosting lunch in his farm.

Night before, when we got to Gensan, invites were issued to us for lunch at his farm. They said 700 was the magic number. By noontime, that number ballooned and grew to a size that surely the seed companies hopes their vegetables grow to. It was useless being there. There was no real knowledge to be gained. People were lining up for a photo with Pacman! Geezzzz...and the government paid for so many LGU's members' per diem for this.

In Gensan, the boys went to the Veggie Congress very early in the morning to observe in the farm and what have them. The ladies stayed for a late breakfast. Sitting in hotel coffee shops make you experience a lot of things. No verbals needed, just looking, feeling and piecing stories together that you pull from past experiences :) By doing so, you see yourself from a different perspective. You may not be totally happy of who you are, but then, it is still your sole decision to be who you are.

A little after noon, the group decided to leave the farm and search for interesting farmers to visit and learn from....of course there will be many around.

The road led us to a long driveway, lined with fruit trees. We stop by a wooden house and the farmer of the land greets us. With that expansive area, quiet time....I can understand why Mang Ben was all agog to have us visit and it afforded him non-stop talking.

The topics go beyond the normal woes of farmers. This farmer is past that. As a financially successful businessman who decided to lead a quiet life farming, his problems will be about the users and the opportunists that his eyes see.

Who led the Veggie Congress? How much was spent? Why was it at Pacman's? Who are using Pacman? Mang Ben says Pacman by himself has a good and big heart. Thing is, he is being used by people around him. Sad ha. As Pacman may do a lot without being a politician. Surely the others will make him spend a lot and maybe get more for themselves....hopefully Pacman snaps out of this.

One in the group made a good comment. Instead of hosting that lunch for so many people, who won't be benefitting any anyway since there was nothing really in that farm to see....(oh yes, there were a lot of gamefowls!)... Manny instead should have a multimedia ad that shows him eating vegetables and encouraging people to grow their own food, even in small containers.

We went to Mindanao to do farm visits...but the education was not in the farming, but about interpersonal relationships.

Thank you for the hives and the long lines at Pacman's brought is to fruitful roads :) And yes, to a lot of Durian, Marang and panga ng Big eye.

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