Wednesday, February 25, 2009


We had been looking for a good supplier of naturally grown pigs. Almost gave up on it as it was hard to get one that jived with our drivers' schedules, supply was inconsistent, or maybe they just didn't want to deal with me :)

Enter the Davao trip. Proper timing and delays work for the best. We had no intention to market Andry and Jojie's pigs in Manila as it will be costly, time consuming plus a lot of effort on our part.

1) seeing the contented pigs in the farm
2) observing how the feeds were made
3) drinking the fermented juice the pigs are having
4) smelling, seeing and almost tasting the feeds before being fed to the pigs
5) meeting Andry and Jojie, seeing that they practice what they preach
6) eating great sinugba

I knew I wanted to eat and consume this for ourselves and what comes next...we sell it at Organika. That is our focus anyway, to sell only what we ourselves use and consume.

What should be a most fitting brand? HERBaboy....why do you think we decided to call it such?

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