Sunday, February 08, 2009


Aesthetically and functionality, I like our simple vacuum packaging.

Another business idea one may do for food retailers is to come up with packaging for chilled/frozen food.

I got several of the thermal bags with fabric outer covers. Nice and simple and can withstand some time out of the freezers and sit in cars when given as gifts. Today, I was with a media friend who was out interviewing an agriculturist from Bicol who was assigned to the technology of making handicrafts from tree barks and corn husks/hair.

She says that they bags we was showing us were easy to make and was of course from materials that are thrown away. No need for molds, special equipments nor a lot of manpower. You need your corn husks/hair, glue, dye and I presumed a flat table surface to straighten it out as you brush glue :)

It was so practical, cheap and your products can need to tear your paper wrapping to peep wehehhehehe.

It withstands moisture and of course reusable bag.

As we use fretting now...move in these trying times.

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