Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fresh Cacao

It was just about 2weeks ago that I saw a fresh Cacao fruit (if that is what you call it) in a trade show in Vigan City. I was blaming myself for not buying one out of curiosity.

Today, in Davao, we had hot chocolate drinks, ate tableas and processed dark chocolates. I satisfied my eyes seeing these Cacao trees, fruits in trees, bagged for protections against fruit borers, and saw them being harvested, and pried open for processing. The fresh cacao seeds are fermented to get that Choco flavor. True! As is fresh, you won't say they will have that addicting and heavenly Chocolate flavor. I got to taste it fresh.....Jasmine like Atis flavor. Refreshing...but please ferment and process mine. I will wait for my hot thick bitter chocolate drink please. I can wait in line for it :)

The picture above is from Helen's Farm of Andry and Joji Lim. Organically grown and healthy to eat....except when you use a lot of milk and sugar :)

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