Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Don't Leave Her Alone

Do the chicks still need light in the evenings? My chicks are ready to range at 21days now and the ranging area where they are to be transferred tomorrow have no electricity. I tried them without lights last night and they were noisy.
They don't need the light anymore, if you are asking if they still need the heat. They have complete feathers by now and will be able to regulate themselves under normal conditions. About the crying when there was no light...did you turn off the light after you had it on last night? The sudden change would have scared them. Same with humans. Or were they able to go from dusk to night time? They have to get used to it and they will. If we had a brownout, we panic. If we went from late afternoon till night without light, we would be ok :)

For the ranging area without light, make sure that they are grouped to go back to their shelter the first days. Educate where they are. I suggest when you transfer them, unload their box/cage inside their shelter, so they know where they belong and will want to make that their base.

In the evenings, make sure they go back together there. A Sunshine left out on her own will cry and be sad...they are very sociable and will want to be with their group.

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