Monday, February 23, 2009

Everything PHP35

I think that was how I understood Adela Ang of EDSA Garden House in her newest venture, back to her first love, food preparation.

Saw her over breakfast during yesterdays Agri Kapihan, after Kaularan sa Agrikulutura. She asked about dressed Sunshines and she was going to get a rotisserie. "I have a brandnew one, never been used....go use it". So last night, we delivered the dressed Sunshines she will marinade.

She was busy in the kitchen making iced coolers. She made me taste the banana con lanka con macapuno..sweeted with sugar cane juice...SARAP! There was another variant using Ube instead of Bananas. That treat will be priced at PHP35. She brought in fresh greens with salad dressing, PHP35 too. Our Sunshines will be roasted and cut, served with veggies for PHP35. Adela said all PHP35...but then she mentioned juices at PHP10 : She should have served it in a large tumbler and priced it at PHP35.

If I understood her will be like the fair chits style. You prepay chits that will be used to pay for food you purchase, w/c is almost all priced at PHP35. That way, she eliminates a lot of personnel.

She toured me to her see the little girl grinning with glee in her new playhouse.

You should support her new vision: giving you simple, healthy, well priced food. Plus, her best reward is, she gets to do what she loves

She will start operation on February 26.

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