Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Power Of Pen

I am no writer. Wehehheh it should be obvious from my blog.

OMG, I disliked my language, reading, history classes from elementary days onwards. They say the teachers have a lot to do with how a student likes her subjects. I like the teachers...its the subjects I don't :( I buy from National Bookstore the pamphlets/synopsis of books we had to read. Am so lucky always, getting the answers during tests without really dissecting the matter.

Anyway, I think I will attend "The Power of Pen", a food writing workshop scheduled in March. Why am I attending then?

Basing from the blog statistics that we get, Solraya's Sunshine Chicken blog gets a lot of readers, both unique (first timers) and repeat readers. Surely, the attention the blog gets is not from my writing form, but thankfully from our content.

Because of that, I owe it to the readers to have a more entertaining blog....wehehheeh THAT IS, IF a 2day seminar will change it. Remember, I said I hated writing since grade school!

The blog, our weekend markets, our Organika....and most of all, myself, should benefit from hearing others.

Am sure I will have an interesting time. I always make sure to have that :)

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