Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No Minimim

Often asked if we have a minimum order for purchases of our day old chicks.

"No Minimum. As long as you pick up from our outlets."
Our price of PHP35 per chick is for pick up from our Fairview and two (2) Agri-Aqua Network International (AANI) outlets. You may purchase as few as you want, and yes, you may order by the thousands :)

Our poultry supply store dealers, will also allow you to purchase a few heads, as they all have brooders that are really meant to keep and display day old chicks for resale. The prices of dealers vary, from PHP38 to PHP40 in Luzon. For Vizayas and Mindanao, the going price is at PHP45.

When we have to deliver, we charge at PHP3800 per box of 100. We suggest minimum of 1box (100 heads) when you ask us to send to you by land or air. Why? Only because you will spend needlessly if you purchase less than 1bx.

We have a cost to carry using our own printed chickboxes to transport your Sunshines. The expense of delivering your order to the airport, freight and shipping permits is the same whether it was 50 heads or 100.

Prices subject to change :)

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