Tuesday, February 03, 2009

DAVAO Seminar, Feb19

Definite information and final schedule.

When: Feb 19, 2009
Where: Function Room, Grand Regal Hotel, 3pm
Fee: PHP300
Topic: Raising Sunshine Chicken
Speaker: Doc Rey - Rey B. Itchon, DVM

We normally want our seminars for free. But we are from out of town and needed a venue. The best we could do for accessibility and convenience for all is getting a conference room at Grand Regal. I believe its fair for everyone that the PHP300 fee to be charged per head for the seminar, includes snacks.

Please register thru (0917) 847-2639, and be at the venue at about 2:30pm. You may pay at the door.

Thank you and see you on the 19th.


  1. @ yvon, it was stated on the thread. 3pm :)

  2. hi! is there a need to register in advance or where can i place my reservation?

  3. @ Ian, I suggest you go to the venue earlier to register. Meantime, please text me at (0917) 847-2639 to reserve the number of slots you need. See you next friday :)

  4. sir/maam thanks for the info. 1 slot lang po. why friday, di ba feb 19 is on thursday?

  5. @ Ian, Please text me the name to attend and the cellphone contact. Yes, it is on Thursday. My calendar and body clock is not tuned today :)

  6. Hi,

    Good day!

    Do you have schedule(seminar) in Cebu?

  7. @ wonedart, Yes we are scheduling one soon. Thank you. We will post schedules.