Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Capon Breeder Search

The statistics of the visitors in one's website tells you the profile of your readers. What they are searching for, what led them to you, the pages that get a lot of interest etc.

I make it a point to read my site stats. Today something caught my attention. Someone typed the keywords capon breeders in their search bar. It led them to this blog.

Capons are not bred. They are not a product of breeding. There are no parent stocks that gives us capons.

Capons are castrated male chickens. So, any male chicken may be a capon. They give you meat that is fat, tender and very flavorful.

This is an old art that is most sought after by people who know their chickens. Continue on searching and reading about this old practice.

To start with, since our Sunshines have that "native taste" it is a good product for your capons. It will be a good idea to focus on this niche in your area.

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