Monday, February 16, 2009

Table Eggs In Demand

Table egg production, from grass fed and free ranged Sunshines are in demand. We sell at PHP250/tray of 30s and it is very in demand.

Another business idea one may go into is the table egg production.

You may slaughter the male Sunshines for meat, and maintain the females as layers. On the 5th to 6th month, when they reach sexual maturity, they start to drop and give you brown colored eggs. The egg yolks will be deep orange in color, and have no fishy taste.

Expect to get about 180 eggs per annum from one hen :) They will not be as productive as your hormone laden white chicken layers, in terms of number of eggs, but the health benefits and premium pricing will make it worth it.

Try the will be proud if you produced them.

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