Tuesday, February 24, 2009

North Route

Sunday after delivering the dressed Sunshines for Adela Ang's use in her new healthy food bar at EDSA Garden House, we jumped in our mobile house (that is what we now term the truck or the SUV as we literally get to sleep in them) and headed for Vigan.

If you follow the agriculture news these days, you know how Ilocos Sur uses Sunshine Chicks for their dispersal and called them Ilocos Super Chicken....:) parang Superchick!

Feeling under the sheets, but thanks to laptops and business centers, am able to do my paperwork while in the comforts of Vigan Plaza Hotel.....I tried to step out yesterday....so hot huh...I used the alibi of Asthma to stay indoors.

Anyway, enroute to La Union to check on a grower's new brooding area. Initial loading is not a laughing matter and since the grower has a market already, we want to make sure his learning curve will be minimal.

Up to Baguio, as I enjoyed the Ube Jam I got there the last time. I will stock on them and sell them at Organika. We've tried a lot of Ube Jams, this one is chewy, rightly sweet, I like it.

Go for a peep at our Santiago City outlet for a day, via Ambucalao Dam from Baguio. You have to do this route, very scenic and its a safer roller coaster ride.

By friday morning, we have to be back inManila as we have to do a live guesting for a radio program. That will be a separate post. The title should be cute.

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